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[movies]CLUG AGM 24 Nov 2009 - Interfacing with the real world - Mark Ter Morshuizen, Marc Welz
CLUG AGM: Some real-world-interfacing fun Speakers: Mark Ter Morshuizen and Marc Welz More CLUG Talks
Keywords: CLUG; AGM; Interfacing; Parallel Port
Downloads: 2,761
[texts]generalmanual 000053359
generalmanual 000053359
Keywords: wireless; print; usb; server; printer; network; parallel; internet; connect; printers; print server; parallel port; wireless network
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000025288
generalmanual 000025288
Keywords: serial; irq; parallel; lpt; settings; port; configure; lava; configuration; jumper; parallel port
Downloads: 4
[texts]heurikon :: brochures :: HK68 ME Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.heurikon :: brochures :: HK68 ME Brochure
Keywords: interface; isbx; heurikon; port; multibus; serial; processor; motorola; dma; memory; floating point; parallel port
Downloads: 33
[texts]generalmanual 000038425
generalmanual 000038425
Keywords: lava; ports; port; pci; parallel; serial; installation; range; redirect; casing; parallel port; serial ports; serial port; port redirect
Downloads: 2
[texts]generalmanual 000025278
generalmanual 000025278
Keywords: port; ports; windows; pci; lava; installation; device; devices; default; parallel; parallel port; serial port; redirect utility; port redirect; pci slot
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000019314
generalmanual 000019314
Keywords: print; server; configuration; device; network; windows; internet; lobaset; snmp; power; print server; power supply; serial port; internet printing; server supports; parallel port; link led
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000014970
generalmanual 000014970
Keywords: scanner; snapscan; installing; parallel; scan; chapter; appendix; port; printer; parallel port; scan wise; glass plate; regulation compliance; printer port; status indicator; reflective originals; parallel interface; interface cable
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000058351
generalmanual 000058351
Keywords: lexmark; toner; usb; print; marknet; photoconductor; ethernet; cartridge; parallel; toner cartridge; standard maximum; photoconductor kit; usb port; return program; program toner; parallel port
Downloads: 4
[texts]peripheralTechnology :: PT68K4 :: :: Delmar System IV Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.peripheralTechnology :: PT68K4 :: :: Delmar System IV Brochure
Keywords: system; coco; delmar; serial; software; motherboard; aaa; wyse; vga; port; delmar company; hard drive; terminal system; serial port; parallel port; console system
Downloads: 11
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 152
Compute! Issue 152 - May 1993. Ascend 4.0 (personal information management system) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Batch file runaround (use of batch files and MS-DOS) (Column) - Borland C++ 3.1: is it an upgrade for you? (Borland C++ 3.1 and Application Frameworks program-development software) (Software Review) (Column) (Evaluation) - Colorado Memory Systems Jumbo Trakker 250 (tape drive) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Darklands (computer adventure game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - DOS ...
Keywords: program; software; disk; compute; windows; programs; data; modem; video poker; visual basic; tape drive; test lab; batch file; space bar; parallel port
Downloads: 1,475
[texts]morrow :: boards :: Switchboard Users Manual Rev2 1979
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.morrow :: boards :: Switchboard Users Manual Rev2 1979
Keywords: port; data; serial; device; eprom; parallel; pin; switchboard; switch; ram; serial device; dip switch; data bit; parallel port; operating instructions; word length; status port; serial port; attention port; strobe port
Downloads: 23
[texts]Laptop Service Manual: HP OB5700_insg

Keywords: omnibook; windows; disk; port; floppy; install; battery; drive; adapter; operating; system configuration; serial port; floppy disk; hard disk; disk drive; support utility; battery pack; operating system; parallel port; user password
Downloads: 18
[texts]grammarEngine :: PromICE User Manual Version 3.0 1994
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.grammarEngine :: PromICE User Manual Version 3.0 1994
Keywords: promlce; loadlce; command; rom; target; mode; file; data; address; grammar; command reference; command forms; grammar engine; prom ice; user manual; loadlce command; promlce unit; dialog mode; promlce user; parallel port
Downloads: 18
[texts]westernDigital :: dataBooks :: 1992 SystemLogic Imaging Storage :: 06 WD76C30
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.westernDigital :: dataBooks :: 1992 SystemLogic Imaging Storage :: 06 WD76C30
Keywords: interrupt; port; data; fifo; clock; reset; parallel; serial; parallel port; modem; modem control; modem status; serial port; port interrupt; selection register; data bit; control register; master reset; status register
Downloads: 22
[texts]Laptop Service Manual: HP OB5500_WIN95_ug

Keywords: omnibook; click; battery; port; docking; infrared; floppy; drive; external; serial; appointment book; external mouse; floppy disk; floppy drive; pointing device; docking system; icon appears; serial port; parallel port; phone book
Downloads: 17
[texts]hp :: terminal :: 264x :: 13255-91146 High-Speed Parallel Port Aug76
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.hp :: terminal :: 264x :: 13255-91146 High-Speed Parallel Port Aug76
Keywords: addr; pin; data; bus; parallel; address; negative; module; port; terminal; address bit; true negative; parallel port; initial store; port module; negative true; data bus; store address; bus controller; module add
Downloads: 6
[texts]advancedDigitalCorp :: ADC Super Net Technical Manual
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.advancedDigitalCorp :: ADC Super Net Technical Manual
Keywords: port; pio; jumper; bit; data; parallel; interrupt; channel; connector; sio; ground pio; control port; parallel port; address bit; install plug; floppy disk; sio channel; pio channel; pio bit; vectored interrupt
Downloads: 17
[texts]ithacaInterSystems :: hardware :: VIO
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.ithacaInterSystems :: hardware :: VIO
Keywords: interrupt; vio; port; serial; data; control; parallel; user; ports; controller; interrupt controller; current loop; interrupt system; control lines; parallel port; serial port; interrupt controllers; serial ports; vectored interrupt; parallel ports
Downloads: 22
[texts]Forth Dimension Volume 17 Number 6
Forth Dimension Volume 17 Number 6
Keywords: dup; dimensions; stack; pygmy; segment; address; pgs; newlines; lcs; file; interest group; data stack; operating system; wil baden; differential file; return stack; forml proceedings; contents topic; pgs volume; parallel port
Downloads: 52
[texts]generalmanual 000040777
generalmanual 000040777
Keywords: print; printer; server; click; port; servers; select; address; series; file; print server; print servers; serial port; series print; parallel port; milan technology; print queue; bootptab file; add printer; cancel figure
Downloads: 8
[texts]generalmanual 000040669
generalmanual 000040669
Keywords: bios; pci; motherboard; tyan; setup; memory; system; devices; ide; power; bios setup; power supply; front side; power connector; hard drive; floppy drive; ddr sdram; side bus; parallel port; memory modules
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000032002
generalmanual 000032002
Keywords: click; scanner; image; umax; vistascan; scan; astra; scanned; color; usb; umax astra; vistascan beginner; beginner window; scanned image; parallel port; preview image; window appears; power adapter; hard drive; custom descreen
Downloads: 5
[texts]generalmanual 000019385
generalmanual 000019385
Keywords: lanpress; print; printer; server; configuration; port; installation; select; ipp; netware; print server; configuration guide; ndps manager; internet printing; parallel port; printer port; print job; add printer; printing port; printer agent
Downloads: 5
[texts]generalmanual 000020049
generalmanual 000020049
Keywords: adf; document; qms; printer; color; copy; button; press; scanning; select; message window; window displays; adf paper; paper size; document cover; message display; making copies; adf document; printer model; parallel port
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000023211
generalmanual 000023211
Keywords: realjukebox; smartmedia; press; philips; details; player; select; display; warranty; smartmedia card; power adapter; parallel cable; parallel port; master library; secure files; chrome sticker; philips service; limited warranty; display button
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000018413
generalmanual 000018413
Keywords: belkin; port; parallel; ieee; cables; device; bitronics; devices; cable; dataswitch; parallel port; belkin components; parallel printer; series ieee; pro series; port devices; bitronics dataswitch; belkin pro; comfort zone; operating system
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000022734
generalmanual 000022734
Keywords: cyberparallel; installation; click; connector; dual; install; driver; diskette; subdirectory; slot; cyberparallel dual; driver installation; installation diskette; static electricity; mode setting; slot bracket; siig cyber; parallel port; insert driver; cyber pci
Downloads: 5
[texts]generalmanual 000066320
generalmanual 000066320
Keywords: bios; asus; configuration; cpu; motherboard; ide; select; pci; system; connector; bios setup; floppy disk; bios file; product introduction; pci express; asus update; power supply; setup utility; serial ata; parallel port
Downloads: 6
[texts]generalmanual 000027988
generalmanual 000027988
Keywords: bios; power; settings; setup; pin; memory; option; cpu; super; pins; bios setup; pin number; pin definitions; power supply; number definition; option allows; parallel port; jumper settings; hard disk; host data
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000021090
generalmanual 000021090
Keywords: player; digital; cassette; portable; battery; mmc; memory; ecp; mode; bios; portable digital; digital player; ecp mode; parallel port; operation buttons; mmc memory; memory card; flash memory; desired operation; warranty service
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000034090
generalmanual 000034090
Keywords: usb; device; pcmcia; indows; computer; cable; cardbus; click; interface; amacom; device driver; parallel port; interface cable; double click; pushed firmly; driver diskette; data loss; device drivers; usb devices; usb cable
Downloads: 4
[texts]advancedDigitalCorp :: ADC Super Quad Technical Manual 1981
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.advancedDigitalCorp :: ADC Super Quad Technical Manual 1981
Keywords: interrupt; data; cpu; channel; pio; command; clock; port; interrupt vector; mode; install plug; pio channel; floppy disk; parallel port; time constant; data bus; pio bit; status bit; control word
Downloads: 50
[texts]generalmanual 000040449
generalmanual 000040449
Keywords: bios; pci; setup; motherboard; tyan; memory; system; devices; power; onboard; bios setup; power supply; floppy drive; enabled disabled; front panel; ddr sdram; parallel port; front side; ati rage; side bus
Downloads: 4
[texts]Apple Disk Docs: XProFile_Installation
Apple Disk Docs: XProFile_Installation
Keywords: cable; drive; mounting; cage; ide; connector; power; apple; sigma; figure; drive cage; nylon mounting; ribbon cable; power cable; front cover; apple profile; parallel port; original apple; hard disk; twiggy power
Downloads: 11
[texts]generalmanual 000039327
generalmanual 000039327
Keywords: click; drive; select; files; cds; disc; audio; data; windows; insert; disaster recovery; hard drive; parallel port; jewel case; wave files; windows explorer; copying files; case insert; audio tracks; data cds
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000022649
generalmanual 000022649
Keywords: click; pci; installation; driver; cyber; windows; siig; parallel; device; rma; driver installation; cyber pci; parallel port; double click; verify successful; successful installation; installation guide; static electricity; siig cyber; installation diskette
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000027945
generalmanual 000027945
Keywords: bios; setup; settings; power; cpu; pin; system; initialize; option; super; pin number; bios setup; power supply; number definition; serial port; pin definitions; option allows; host data; parallel port; mhz pci
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000027799
generalmanual 000027799
Keywords: bios; setup; settings; power; pin; memory; option; port; cpu; super; bios setup; pin number; pin definitions; number definition; hard disk; power supply; parallel port; host data; option allows; setup utility
Downloads: 8
[texts]generalmanual 000020048
generalmanual 000020048
Keywords: qms; color; document; copy; image; press; printer; scanning; select; displays; message window; window displays; paper size; parallel port; message display; making copies; color intensity; quality mode; printer port; power adapter
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000040372
generalmanual 000040372
Keywords: sur; vous; des; click; dans; memory; carte; les; port; pour; memory stick; cliquez sur; parallel port; port parallele; les parametres; des parametres; double click; reglage des; sous windows; pour afficher
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000020047
generalmanual 000020047
Keywords: qms; printer; document; scanning; select; copy; message; displays; image; press; message window; window displays; parallel port; paper size; message display; printer port; quality mode; making copies; ready led; main unit
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000039270
generalmanual 000039270
Keywords: fax; laserjet; document assistant; menu setting; jetsuite pro; document feeder; product; press; faxes; software; document; print; select; paper; parallel port; software help; control panel; fax number; paper input; directly connected
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000041467
generalmanual 000041467
Keywords: backpack; usb; windows; udf; speedycd; discs; port; printer; adapter; parallel; backpack udf; backpack usb; usb adapter; parallel port; backpack finder; technical support; backpack drive; printer port; power unit; parallel printer
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000011505
generalmanual 000011505
Keywords: scanner; scan; paperport; visioneer; dialog; usb; software; configuration; select; scanning; dialog box; paperport software; installation guide; scanner installation; onetouch software; configuration dialog; usb port; parallel port; visioneer scanner; scanner connected
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000016137
generalmanual 000016137
Keywords: fastprint; server; printer; print; configuration; netware; select; port; printing; uide; fastprint server; print server; logical printer; remote printer; netware print; print queue; parallel port; internet printing; file server; print job
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000032001
generalmanual 000032001
Keywords: click; scanner; image; umax; vistascan; scan; astra; scanned; color; usb; umax astra; vistascan beginner; beginner window; scanned image; parallel port; preview image; window appears; power adapter; hard drive; custom descreen
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000020246
generalmanual 000020246
Keywords: fax; laserjet; press; product; faxes; document; parallel; print; paper; select; online help; parallel port; document feeder; control panel; paper input; fax number; document assistant; jetsuite pro; toner cartridge; parallel cable
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000019281
generalmanual 000019281
Keywords: print; printer; server; address; logical; text; configuration; lpd; ftp; port; print server; logical printer; parallel port; logical printers; community string; public text; remote printer; print queue; ports models; management station
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000040868
generalmanual 000040868
Keywords: fastport; printer; print; printing; port; serial; server; configuration; select; parallel; print server; parallel port; serial port; print queue; postscript binary; configuration file; apple printer; setup defaults; power cycle; host software
Downloads: 8
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